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Lao Beijing Hi-Tea Buffet.

Friday, April 01, 2011

As promised, here are the reviews for Lao Beijing's Hi-Tea Buffet.

My babes and I went to Plaza Singapura for it!

Lao Beijing
Plaza Singapura, Level 3
3pm - 5.30pm
Per Adult: $13.80 nett

Overall Comment: It's okay to go try once. Alot of dumplings with different sauce. Food variety wise, is average lorhs. Xiao Long Bao not as good as Crystal Jade's. Food that are not bad is Beef noodles, Mushroom, Roti-Prata-with-chives-and-meat! Almond jelly dessert and some appetizers.

Introduction 1

This is the menu (picture of the menu sucks I know lol). You can see roughly the variety of food available. Advice is, if it's not PH, SAT, SUN, a little part of the food variety are not available like the jelly fish.


Basically, some of us actually didn't eat anything and waited for the hi-tea buffet, and chiong arhs~! But couldn't eat that much lol.

The buffet spread. As you can see, they do have go-take-food-yourself as well as an order sheet of dumplings and other items. So both ala carte + self-service buffet style.

Introduction 2

This is the ala carte list you can order! (sorry you have to tilt your head cos I can't get it tilted. -.-). The variety is almost around what you can see in this blog post.


By 3.35pm, we are almost quite full already lol. But we still sat there chitchat as well as try to finish up what's left on the table! Oh yes, did I mention that the centre of the table has fish tank? It's like incorporated inside the table with live fishes. Cool eh? *winks*

Other close-ups on food!

Xiao Long Bao. Not as nice as crystal jade's one~! Oh wells....

Introduction 8

Beef Noodles! :D This beef noodles are one of the nicest food amongst the rest. Haha.

Introduction 6

Zha Jiang Mian! Idk what it is called in english. But this taste not bad too. With the minced meat, the noodles taste nice!

Introduction 5

Dumpling in hot and sour sauce! Actually their dumplings almost the same, just that, different sauce. There's one tomato & egg sauce. We didn't dare try that LOL.

Introduction 4

This small pau, has alot of chives inside. I prefer the one at the back which is everybody's favourite. Taste like roti prata but has meat and chives fillings inside! :D

Introduction 7

I was the only one who kept eating this. It's cucumber appetizer. Has sort of a soysauce-chilli combi! Nice! :D Cold Dish!

Introduction 9

And the rest of the random food! :D

Introduction 3

Alena went Las Vegas for holiday, and got us souvenirs! :D It's not usable in casino! HAHA! Else, we all go cash out liao~!


After having the buffet, we went around window shopping and cam-whoring. Felt damn guilty of not studying for the whole day!

Some of our cam-whoring shots in the toilet (girl's favourite~!)

Besides window shopping, we actually went to go Paragon's Long Champ outlet to collect Sheila's bag. Long Champ is famous for its life time warranty. However, they denied to change Sheila's Long Champ bag as the bag has bubbles on its surface. Looks damn bad. And they took 4 weeks to call her back, and all they say is "I'm sorry, your serial number does not belongs to those serial number that can exchange the bag" and told her she got to make do with the bag. Like WUUUUUUT?

Long Champ is a famous brand around the world, and I always thought their customer service is of quality. However, today I witness the exact opposite. We went into the shop, and we asked the sales lady (look around 20+ yrs old) why couldn't Sheila exchange her bag when it is warranty-guaranteed? The sales lady simply just said she don't know. Aren't Long Champ suppose to communicate with each other? "Don't know" is just not simply the reply or solution. Then, the manager / Supervisor (I guessed) came by and whispered something to her, and the sales lady told us "someone has already called you to tell you the reason why, so you can't change the bag". She doesn't even know the reason herself, and she can just shove us off?

Thus, Lyn just gave up, and told us she'll bring back to Paris to help Sheila ask instead as Lyn's flying back next week. And the sales lady was giving a face expression showing and thinking huh-like-real-u-go-paris look. And we asked her, what can we do now when Long Champ has life time warranty and you told us Sheila can't change her bag? The sales lady simply reply "You can bring to Paris to change yourself". LIKE WUUUUUT AGAIN? Is this the attitude that a service staff should give? Especially in Orchard Road, Paragon? Then the same person (who I guessed earlier that is the supervisor/manager in store) just passed up the card with the email address and say "you can email to them if you have any feedback".

Seriously, with the stuck-up sarcastic attitude, I really feel that they are not fit to be service crew of the well-known boutique or even any retail outlets. Eventually, the sales lady said she'll call for us and give Sheila back a call tomorrow. Promises can be empty. Sheila received a call 4 weeks later when they told her earlier that they'll send back to Paris to change to back and get back to her soon, and tt 4 weeks later they claim it could not be changed. So, I told the sales lady to write her name on the card, so that we can be assured that she will call back. The sales lady wrote her name with a pissed-off-attitude, and unwilling attitude. After we left, i glanced back, and the 3 staffs were all looking at us, giving a disgusted look.

No1: Should they even treat us like that when we are the ones who are being served inappropriately?

No2: We can all sense they despised us just because we are teenagers? The look they gave us was pure looking down on us. (disclaimer: this is what we felt)

No3: Life time warranty was promised, yet, service undelivered, promise broken.

No4: I feel that Long Champ should look into Paragon outlet's staffs and review their attitude and service quality and abilities.

Anyway, to be fair, this is what 6 of us saw, felt and witnessed. I just hope that the sales lady will call Sheila back with a solution for her, and not give her the same old reply "there's nothing we can do" given that Sheila has been a long standing customer of Long Champ, way right before they were launched in Singapore.

Enough of happenings today. Nights and lets pray for a good start tmr!

p.s. Doesn't this photo loooks like the 4 of them are floating in the air? Look at their feets and u'll get the feel!


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