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Monday, April 18, 2011

When we arrive home, the carpark lots near our block are all taken up. Have to drive further away to find a lot. Thus, daddy says:

"These people arhs, after work den never go out one, go home straight. How can lidat? Terrible. Must be never OT. Last time I work everyday sure OT one."

LOL. hahahahahahah~! That's why carpark lots are full around my block when we reached home at 8+pm~! Lol funny sia papa.

Anyway, i took a video of feeding my sister's hamster and see how many sunflower seeds (the bigger ones) it can fit inside its mouth. It's about 26. and still going strong but i choose not to feed it more already HAHA. Halfway feeding, my dog farted LOL.

Will upload the video when I got time! Hehe.

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