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Swensens Swensens!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

*bf said my smile very forced and noob :(*

Parents brought my siblings and I to Thomson Plaza for dinner last night. Swensens, yes it is!

It has been really long since I ate Swensens. I think the last time I ate it was when I'm in poly? I ate it during Azmi's bday with marie! Haha!

Since daddy has like $30 voucher and idk what other Swensens voucher, thus, they decided to go eat Swensens. In the end the bill came up to about $100 -.-

Weekends has always been really crowded. and yes, CROWDED. It's hard to get a parking lot. and some selfish guy stole my dad's parking lot. He just came in the gantry, zoom in front of us and parked. What a "gracious" Singaporean. KIASU LIKE MAD LA. wth. Den we stayed nearby his car, to see who this person is. The whole family family (for 5mins we waited), dared not come out of the car till we drove further off (where they tot we were gone), and we turned our heads and saw the man with his family coming out of the car and quickly scoot off.

YUCKS. What kind of Singaporeans they are. Seriously. My whole family keep driving and waiting for a carpark lot. Thank God, we finally found one. After that, Swensens had quite a long queue. Waiting again. I felt that Swensens at Thomson Plaza is TOO COLD. Esp the seat I'm seating at.

This is our order btw~!

Dad's BBQ Chicken set! Looks really yummy, and especially most healthy amongst the rest of our dishes! Too bad I can't eat chicken. Sian Sian. Another 1-2 weeks then I can start eating moderately!!!!!

Mum's chicken chop dish. She always could not finish her dish. End up my sis ate up for her.

My fish and chips. Could not eat the chicken, so ordered fish. Fish fish fish. And fish and chips is the cheapest amongst the fish-dish. and the rest like lamb and beef are even more expensive. so, FISH AND CHIPS. Not that bad though. Fries is quite nice but cold in awhile due to the ever-so-cold aircon. *BOO*

Sis's pasta~! She says it's vvvv nice. It has like little small chillis in the sauce, that made her kept drinking water haha. She asked more cheese, and added alot in her dish. *eek cheese!* I know cheese-lovers love to add so much cheese in there. Reminded me of Marie and Lyn who added alot cheese as well~ (if I didn't rmb wrong) LOL. They finished almost half-to-whole of a bottle provided at pastamania.

Bro's breaded chicken. Very worth sia. He has like 3 chicken drumsticks inside. big ones~! Omg~! so worth it man. And he ate all (he's a fussy eater). So I can conclude it shld be quite nice eh?

Lastly my family ate ice cream. My mum and dad shared topless 5 (a 5 scoop ice-cream dish), and bro and sis each have an ice cream cone like the picture below. I didnt eat cos it's best I avoid. Been quite long since I ate really cold stuffs. Now I opt for hot drinks or luke warm/room temp, instead of cold. Cold, very seldom haha.

Doesn't this ice cream looks like. Sis ate rocky road flavour. Seems vvv chocolatey!

Anyway, Swensens do have student lunch promo. And holland V outlet has 24hrs of that promo if I didn't rmb wrong. Go check it out :)

See ya~!

p.s. I want to go get a haircut :( My fringe is getting long, but well it's good so I can tuck behind my ears and see my notes better. Ahhhhhhh.

p.s.s. Shld I start to make up? LOL :(

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