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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just a sudden rush thoughts through my mind now, so just logged on here and blog about it using my phone.

Usually guys would be like really strong on the outside, won't cry and stuffs cos they think they shouldn't (but why not man). So perceptions of them maybe like strong on the outside but weak on the inside. As time and centuries pass, they are gradually showing their real inner side of them.

Some guys will tend to be v emotional. They tend to keep their emotions inside, till one day they'll say out. And keep quiet again. Hmm, guys do have their rights to even cry it out. Some do, some don't. Maybe era's changing? Now girls seem to be the one not crying instead. And being strong at the front. Well, the world's really getting complicated. Like how now house husbands are more of a common thing. (which to me isn't a bad thing!)

I feel tt people shld be expressive and say out their thoughts in a collective manner to solve any misunderstandings or problems, or say out any things hidden inside them tt make them feel sad, saying out feels better than keeping it hidden! We shld voice out in a neutral way so tt pple or opposite party can understand what we mean!

Just my one cent worth of thoughts.

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