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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I feel super demoralised. I think got no hope in winning the competition already. It's really hard trying to get votes. But I'm super happy alot of friends out there help me promote and stuffs! Really appreciate!

Anyway, I'm gonna blog abt THE NEW MILO (okay I know my blog has very little pple reading due to my past negligence, sorry!)

I know that MILO has always been most people's favourite drink! (well some don't like them thou)

Anyway went to NTUC and saw this pack saying "MILO - EASY COOL, just add cold water".

Super interesting right? I told mum to get a pack to try. And yes, some people do ask if it works. Now here it is...

The standard milo separate packing in the big pack.

Put in your cup.

Add really cold water (mine's about nearing 5degrees?)

Stir and stir. I noticed some residue at the top still.

However, after stirring for long, it does completely dissolve! Amazing! :D

Add lesser water for more chocoletey taste! Enjoy!

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