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Monday, February 14, 2011

My boyfriend has been busy with his final year project on reports, presentations, exhibition etc. Thus, when he was finally free on last friday, he surprise me by coming down to my place.

He bought me my latest cravings of popeye's mash potato~ Sweet ttm!

And gave me OSIM snooze. The flexible massage for neck, waist or thighs!
He told me because I was having neckaches after discharge from hospital, thus, he thought it would be a suitable gift!

He told me he came on friday because he couldn't make it on monday as the report due was on the following day.

Though i did felt disappointed, and it was our first valentine's day together, however, no choice! It's his last lap to graduation!

However, my ever-so-sweet bf actually came down on this very day and show up with a rose with teddy bear~!!!! Hahahahaha! I was shocked and happy but didn't show it out and he said i looked sian. LOL. Anyway, the cute him insisted on not getting a real rose as it would wither. Well, true. So this is an everlasting rose! :D

He went to helped me get things like cotton bud for me to apply cream on my wound, ear sticks because my right ear has infection due to the cheapo earrings I'm wearing LOL. Those bugis kind. Realised I'm sensitive to those metals /; No more bugis earrings :(

He also helped me buy Vitamin C as my body immunity is weak.

Sweet or not? :)

Anyway, tried baking this chocolate haupia pie for bf and family. However, EPIC FAILED! I realised I'm totally not used to the coconut taste. GOSH. :( My maid loves it though o.o"

BF said it taste quite alright. Haish. I tried wrong recipe already! :(

Anyway, I promise to sleep early! So now's already so late! NIGHTS! :D

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