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Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day to Everyone! :)

I'm sure plenty of you at this dayy will be happy. Well, valentine's day isn't only about couples. It's a day where besties celebrate together as well! :) For the previous years since poly, I've been celebrating with my besties like marie, lynette, alena, zhiwei, gracia, and even diana!

I'm really glad to see some of them really getting on well with their lives. I can see how happy Diana is in her school as well as in her relationship. Felt really happy for her and knowing how busy she's getting now! Haha!

How Gracia is doing well as well~! Always with her sweet bf! :D Feel happy for her too!

And do you know how a great cook Marie is! cooking chicken curry, chilli crab, wu xiang, baking things, cookies, etc! She's really capable, not mentioning how smart she is too! :)

Alena's another sweet little girl who never fails to make pple smile, happy, she's hyper and very helpful! :D she's really the little sister to our whole clique :) Haha!

and Lynette who is currently in Switzerland now pursuing her studies! My god, how we all have grown and pursue our own future. She's someone whom I remembered from the first day to be very sociable, active, and friendly!

Zhiwei, the girl I know since sec 3! Very very sweet and quiet girl! Hahahahaha! But do you know she loves those english pop songs! or something. Those that I hear liao will headache LOL! She's very very nice and studious :)!

Time really pass, and this year we are not meeting up to spend valentine's together. What a waste~!

Exams are coming and it's such a drone! Well, though I'm currently cooped up at home, but I decide to try a new recipe tmr! :D Will update when I'm finished with the whole thing! :D

Can't help but end this post with my cute little dog, Sachi!

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