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Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Well, this year's cny seems a little on the cooler side. Usually there's alot hussle and bussle but this year abit tone down. Just abit :)

Day started off with wear your new clothes (well only my top is new but whatever LOL) and dressing up yea? :)

p.s. OH YES, I started walking already! :) But easily tired though. Thanks for all the concern!!

My sisterrr~!

My Brother~!

Went to visit my paternal grandparents' house first, and took picture with ah gong :) He's a cool dude man! :D Haha!

after awhile, aunt came and there comes Grace! Haha! She just woke up then, thus explains her shyness :)

Camera effects nice right? :) Taken with iPhone!

After which, we went to my maternal grandma house and eat CHANG SHOU MIAN! :D Hehehehe! (aka Longveity noodles) Super Yummy!

I can't eat all the dishes either it's seafood, has egg or chicken. Thus, I only can eat noodles and tau gee~! plus seaweed garnish!

Tau gee soup, FAB man~!

Veg with prawns~

Super nice chicken but I can't eat :/

Prawn platter~

Last but not least, SUPERB HAE-BI~! Super nice (but can't eat)

Wonder what's in for tmr. Seems sighh for this year's cny though :(

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