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An Unforgettable Experience in 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

A way to start off this year, well, to anyone, isn't very good. But looking it at an inner thought, it has its benefits. It led me to see an inner sight of what I should be as I grow older, and how people do really care for me, my family, boyfriend, friends, besties, etc.

I am veryvery thankful for my mum. She was the one who accompanied me to see the doctor on last monday, took blood test, went to do CT Scan on tuesday, encouraged me throughout, went back to doc on wednesday, fixed surgery appointment, and went with me to take another blood test and heart scan again.

As Mount Elizabeth charges are too high, my family and I went around sourcing for lower cost alternative, and found a new doctor, at East Shore Hospital (now known as Parkway East, newly renovated). I was really thankful for her. She still went with me to see Dr Heng on Monday at her clinic, help me fixed the appointment, prayed constantly for me. Without her, I really wouldn't and couldn't imagine how I could cope with so many things.

The sudden struck of a surgery yet again, has really caused an internal emotion breakdown and I just kept asking, "why is it me?".

My parents went to the hospital with me at 9am, and boyfriend, Clark, came along. My mum looked through the whole entire procedure of admitting me into the hospital, (the hospital service super good), and settled me down, help me with the changing, care for me. She and Clark walked me to the surgical theatre, and waited for me till I ended about 3 hours later.

My mum stayed at the hospital with me, took care of me, and came early morning the next day despite she's sick. Cooked porridge for me and all.

Let me say in a day-to-day basis.

On the day, went to the hospital at 9am, feeling super nervous. Dad and Mum came with me, and BF was alrdy waiting at the hospital. Mum helped to see through the whole admission process, and we were guided up to my ward. Changed into the gown and lots of procedures, and mum and clark waited for me till 12.30pm, for my surgery.

I really tried to keep my spirits up, smiling, talking in an upbeat voice, but it was not for long.

As they put me on the rolling bed, and roll me towards the surgical theatre accompanied by mum and clark, I told God, " Please be with me, heal me, protect me lord. Amen".

As I was in the surgical theatre, waiting for doc to arrive, I started tearing. Uncontrollably. The anaesthetic doctor was a 50yrs old + man with not so many hair, and sweating (obvioously he's late but doc even later), and talked so fast, poke the needle in my hand so fast, talk to me rudely while I'm so nervous, and pumped in the liquid (3 of them) in 2 secs. Like IT'S PAIN DUDE, MY VEINS ARE SMALL AND UR LIQUID ARE SUPER LOTS!!!!! (That's why I don't like male doc for anaestatic) But the nurses were super nice, One of them named Siti encouraged me with her warm hands, rubbing my cold ones, talked to me, to calm me down, and then signal the rest in. Dr Heng came in, held my hand, while I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I was half awake when I heard the operation ended BUT THE TUBE (to help me breathe during operation) was still STUCK DOWN MY THROAT T________________T. After awhile, when I'm more awake, I felt a slight pain at my tummy area, and the nurses was talking, and I was at the resting area. Later on, they pushed me towards my bed, and transfer me to my bed. IT WAS A SUPER PAINFUL PROCESS. One of them FLIPPED me to the side, my tummy hurts like mad and I immediately was fully awake and SHOUTED AND SCREAMED AND CRIED! while the other 2 on other side put a board underneath me, and they "1,2,3, BUMP" me on the bed and I SCREAMED OUT LOUD AND KEPT CRYING. THE PAIN WAS EXCRUCIATING! My mum quickly wiped my tears and soothed me, and I drifted off to sleep.

Next moment, I realised, I was on drip.

Yes, this needle was the one that anaesthetic doc pushed the liquid roughly in -.- This dripped contains glucose and painkiller. I had to be on dripped till the next day. Because of surgery, since 6am i'm not allowed to eat or drink any water, and continue this on till the very next day with only 30ml water allowed in total. I was not allowed to get off the bed. Mum took care of me, fed me with water, boyfriend took care of me also after mum left. then sis came around in the evening, and boyfriend went back school to scan his attendance and came back again). Parents came at night and they all left.

Besides this, I discovered that, I had a tube in my urine hole. (the process of removing it on the 2nd day was indeed pain and uncomfortable)

On the second day, porridge day. Hospital porridge, Mum cooked porridge, Marie brought porridge. porridge porridge porridge ._. Morning mum came, took care of me, waited for clark to come, and left to see doc cos she's sick and I insist she needs rest. Clark came from school, took care of me, waited for marie to come in the afternoon, they took care of me carefully, talked to me, and clark left to scan attendance in school, while marie continue taking care of me. In the evening, clark came back, and mum came, and mum and marie left around 7pm, and clark stayed with me, helped me, till 10pm when he left.

My relatives came to visit me, and shawn came to visit me as well.

Through this whole process till now, my mum and sis has been taking care of me while at home. I cant sneeze, cough, blow my nose, walk, sit upright, even going toilet is a problem. I felt sorry that my sis has to miss her appointment with her friends just to fetch me out from hospital with my parents. I had to skipped her birthday dinner because I can't move. So Clark came and accompany me, took care of me after he ended school.

How my mum washed me up, fed me, how my boyfriend fed me, how my sis helped me around in the house, how my mum cooked for me, took care of me till she's sick, how marie took care of me, how shawn and my relatives visited me, and my friends encouraged me. Really, All these support was unforgettable.

It really made me learn how to appreciate people around me, to appreciate health, and to realise, that, a family is always a family.

And a true friend, is always a true friend.

And my boyfriend, who I know he's the best, sweetest. The one who said I'm still pretty when I'm look so terrible in the hospital.

My mum, my dad, my sis, and even how my bro helped me to hold me bowl of soup and bring it to me (SO RARE LOL). really appreciate alot.

I really want to thank God for my mum especially. She's really a great woman. A great mother, a great child of God.

And lastly, with God's help, healing and blessing, I really want to thank God, our father for his healing power and fighting this throughout with me.

Thank you so much. Amen.

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