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Taiwan Day 2 :D

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I'll just spamm pictures here kay? :D

Boat guide aka driver

The uncle who is strong and fit and uses Sony a55.

Our boat. At Sun Moon Lake.

Other people's boat.


Sis, Mum, Singapore Tour Guide Claudia

Mum and sis


Super ultra like this over-exposed picture that gives me the feel of an advertisement for some sunny products. A sunshine-feel! :D It was a candid shot!

Catchin the rush~

Some went to temple. Some took photos~

Prayers from devotees.

While my family and I went to take photos instead cos we are christians. This is Ostrich Tea Egg! Damn big la. I ordered the small one instead!

After which we climb forest. (told you guys alot sightseeing and climbing -.-)

However it was super ultra breath-taking! :D

This bridge could only hold 5 people at a time...

see how my sis carefully climb over.

The other bridge can hold up to 10 people max at a time.

Walk and trekking more and more!~

Welcome to Taiwan~!

See how the kid runs happily!

After which we went to the farm for farm stay. Will update that another day. LOL. too many photos~

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