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Taipei Trip

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I know I haven't been blogging about my taiwan trip and stuffs. I tried but blogger hanged on me as the picture resolutions are too big. So I had to resize all!

Hmm lets start briefly maybe with day 1 onwards? [pictures spammed]

It was really a journey to a country i've never been before but really quite fun there! Except like alot of sightseeing till I almost died.

Footprints in Taiwan.

and this wouldn't be possible, else for my parents who made this trip possible for the whole family. Thanks!

The streets at taiwan~ I didn't note which part of taiwan it is but it was quite a long journey in the coach. I think we are heading south but somewhere in the middle still.

after which we headed to some cultural village that has a theme park. COOL OR WHAT. Their roller coaster and like viking all super super ultra scary (quoted from bro and sis) cos I didn't sit any as I just took photos. They ask me to, but, so troublesome and will make 1 of them can't sit just to look after my cam. So, nvm ba!

The boy wasn't pointing at me btw. And yea, I was trying to capture the baby :D

Some of the pictures of my family members that I like it alot :)

And yes, this is magnificent :) The Carousel :)

see how excited this girl is :D

The teddy kingdom :D No la, it was this toy catching machine so tot just take a photo or smthing :)

My ever-so-young-looking parents :D

after which we sat a cable car up (if I rmb it correctly) to this cultural performance on how these culture people propose to a lady and how the marriage is carried out. more to like singing and stuffs~

And they had to swing across this rope etc.

After which at night we checked in to our hotel :D
Not forgetting a photo of dear Tuffy!

End this short post with tuffy and me before boarding the plane to taiwan!

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