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ROCKMELT - New browser!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My friend has sent me an invitation to a new browser that has been launch online!
We have been using from normal Internet Explorer to Firefox, Chrome and others.

Now there's this browser call...

I have actually downloaded and print screen part of the browser. Haven't really used it fully yet.

p.s. you can click on the pictures to enlarge and see properly.

Upon going to their website,, it looks super cool la!

Thus I proceed to downloading it...

and while downloading it, it was trying to contact

Reason being, you can log in to facebook using this browser, and choose to whether keep your facebook logged in always or not..

I proceed to logging in, and guess what, all my friends are being shown on the left side. My profile at the top left...

and once you click on one of ur friends, you can initiate a chat with them! COOL RIGHT?

Not only do they have facebook, they have TWITTER AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @_@

Sharing this cool new browser with you guys cos I find it super interesting and what most people need! :D

Hope you enjoy this new browser!

Thanks Anelie for the invitation!

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