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Part Time Jobs in Singapore and Others?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hey! Those who are looking for part time jobs, you can always get updated here.

This is a facebook page I have created. Please join this group and add your friends in :)

I'll post some jobs here.

******PERM(long term) WEEKEND PROMOTER NEEDED********

Venue: Funan, Challanger

Job Scope: Promoter for Aztech/Litescribe Product (Best to have some router/network knowledge)

Working Time: Normal Retail timing

Pay: 8/hrs + comm

Interested pls let me know. Thx (Go to the facebook page and reply to this post)

SATS Inflight. (Near budget terminal)
Assistant in Kitchen of cutting some food and plating it (fine dining style). (you plate you can try eat also LOL)
The whole month of Feb.
Pay around $1050~ as the job is very simple. CNY I think pay got more.
Working day: 6 day work week.

Interested party please comment here!

Starhub recuiting, Please contact either BGC / Recuitment Express for details.

Job desc. from the inside....

Receive call.....
Get scolded....
Talk to Customer.....
$9 / hr.....
training 7/hr.... 8.30am to 5.30pm~6pm. either 1 mth or 1 wk....
Dept... unknown can be anywhere....

Popular interview question: Why you want to join starhub....

well if you think you can take the heat. go call bgc and recuitment express to enquire.


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