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I survived a japanese game show

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This game show is called "Majide" in Japanese. It is where 12 Americans from different part of America are chosen to compete and finally 1 of them gets to win like 250,000YEN I think.

The host of this show - Romu!

always starting and ending it with "Hai-Majide" or smthing and with this hand sign..

Not forgetting Judge BOB, for fair judgement!

and MAMA-san who will take care of them (contestants) living in the Japanese home together

I watched Season 2 first, and then Season 1.
Reading comments on youtube and I just felt that, Season 1 contestants have much more sportsmanship than Season 2. Or rather, they are like more together, treating it as an experience, a game.

I watched Season 2, and they all kind badmouth each other. Especially Justin keeps scolding vulgarities I think haha. And in Season 1, people volunteer to be in the elimination round as they felt that they pull the team down in the previous competition game challenge. I was like "WOW, that's nice!".

Those who wants to watch, you can click on

That link is to Season 1, Episode 1, Part 4/5! You can just search Part 1/5 etc. :D

It's quite an interesting show and some of the challenges can me both mentally and physically exhausting. But for one quarter of a million dollar, who doesn't want? :O

p.s. my dog sleeps on my bed instead on the floor while I'm engross in using com -.-

p.s.s. she cleans her dirty wet mouth (after eating) at my towel that I hanged at my cupboard with a hanger -.-

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