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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

in 2010, I had an operation. At my knee. Thank God, that now I'm able to walk, run, jump, hop! :D

Then, I drifting away from God. For various reasons. Not that I didn't believe in him. I still do and always do. but, other reasons. (not gg to talk abt it)

I'm thankful that God has always been with me. Mum told me to go church this Sunday to get the pastor to pray with me. I believe that God will always be with me, yea!

And yes, in 2011, which is this year, I'll be due for another operation-.-. This time a bigger one, scarier, unexpected.

Confirmed the operation timing for next week. I believe that God will be with me throughout, bless me with smooth operation surgery, and heal me. Pray hard that nothing complications will arise, everything will be simple, smooth, well, and my friends will be able to hear me screeeeeaaaammmm once I recover :)

Through this also, I really felt thankful for my mum, constantly been through various checkups with me, blood tests, ct scan these few days, praying for me. especially the worse period of my life I'm going through, she's there for me. (trust me, ct scan really urgh *sucks*) :( - had to gulp down 1 litre of medicated solution to scan my inner organs properly :(:(:(:(

Really appreciate for my family esp dad mum and sis, for constant prayers for me. Also BF (who constantly assured me and tell me everything's gonna be okay) and Marie (who she actually immediately googled stuffs for me on my condition, read up, assuring me).

Sorry for those friends whom I didn't mention this to. Cos my condition wasn't confirmed yet. Anyway, I'll be fine! :D Thanks for all the well wishes! I'll hit it through, with God's help, family and everyone's encouragement! And I'll (hopefully) be able to go CNY VISITATION! (see if i'm able to move ard @_@)

Anyway, God Bless Everyone! :D

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