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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is what happens when you diedie want bring camera on holiday. LOLS. :D

Handbag, Camerabag, Camera, Shopping Stuffs (don't say WAH BUY SO MANY THINGS. Only 1 pink paperbag belongs to me LOL)

But partly I was wearing about 5 layers of clothings which amount to the total weight weighing on my body! LOL


I think I'm really gonna fail my test. Like seriously.

School work has been like average but there are lots of revision to be done.

I'm working on wed and thurs.
AHHHHHHHHHHH. ok I know i shouldn't have but well, it' adhoc.

Pray hard I'm able to get my As :(
BF have been saying don't go lesson sua cos I don't study LOL.

Can someone just kidnap my computer? :(

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