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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quite a number of people have been asking me about htc accessories, especially customers going to the HTC Concept Shop at Serangoon Nex Mall.

First of all, let me recall what they have today (as of 11/12/10)

1. HTC Desire Cover
2. HTC Mozart Cover
3. HTC Desire HD Screen Protector $28
4. HTC Desire Screen Protector
5. HTC Mozart Screen Protector
6. Ear Piece
7. Car Charger
8. HTC Usb Charger

These are what I can remember for now HAHA. For other screen protectors like for Windows 7 Phones or older range like legend I think we got.

But please do note: We do not stick screen protector for you guys. However, if you want to take a risk, you can let me do it haha! Well I just stick on a Desire HD Screen Protector for a customer today. So, yeps, else you can stick yourself! :)

Also, some people come over and ask about windows 7 Phone.

HTC HD7 - Exclusive to Singtel.
HTC Trophy - Exclusive to M1.

We do not sell both of the phones here. We only have available HTC Mozart!

If you wish to ask me about the phones or any other related things, you can always ask me through ! This way you can stay anonymous!

Well all the best :)
Enjoy your HTC!

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