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Happy Birthday Dearest Mummy! :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Mummy!

She's indeed the best mum ever! Of cos someone with determination, abundance love for us, protection and care. I dare say she's a very capable woman both in career and household. She drives her passion and make things work, she is a very strong woman both mentally and physically though I know she's already tired given her age and workload. Nevertheless, I LOVE YOU MUMMY!

To the greatest Mum on earth (not forgetting u daddy of cos), thanks for all the care, concern, and blessings you have given to me! Both of you are always cute and lovely! :D

Today went to Marina Country Club eat Sakura's steamboat and bbq buffet.

Verdict: Food variety SUPER ALOT but quality average only.
Price: $25+/-?

Sis made a cake (bought the inner cake but whipped out the cream and deco the cake till so chio omg! A pâtissier to be! :D)

But the actual cake (can be seen from the 2nd picture) is a 2KG Cake from Secret Recipe. Rich in chocolate indeed! Many Thumbs up! :D

And my greeedy dog! See her eyes glow! :D

Though my picture is not in focus, but, aren't my dog such a cute lovely girl? :) She's keenly looking at my dad taking another slice of cake, thinking she'll be given one HAHA!

Well, working tomorrow! Hope my baby boy is feeling better! Forced him to sleep at 9+pm today :D Hehe!

Good Night everyone! ^o^

p.s. you can never guess my mum's and dad's age by her looks :D

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