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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I can't seemed to get rid of my laziness.

Thus, I always find wearing tee and shorts are the simplest thing. Thus, you can expect how many tees I've got.

Sometimes, really wonder. why the world's so unfair.

1) Making my face so many pimples and scars here and there
2) My legs are with scar. Right - surgery. Left - Fell at escalator. Suay ttm.

Well pray hard they'll be better.

Nevertheless, I realised, I got to overcome myself. I kinda afraid of wearing too loud. Like BOOMZ. of attracting people's attention. I don't deny I'm kinda self conscious. Take for example, never wear sleeveless.

Well, if you noticed. Either I wear sleeve clothings, or, with a jacket if sleeveless and never take them off till I'm home (even if i'm dying of heatstroke)

Thus, I decided to take a step out, learning how to put make up. Well, just eye liner. On monday, was me and bf's 5th month anni. I spent long time just to draw stupid eyeliner. Well, my eyes are not even duh, given the fact i'm single eyelid also (despite the size of my eye). Parents got double eyelid, yet i never inherit. Haish.

Anyway, when bf saw me, the first thing he said "why put make up?". I felt really self conscious and kinda feel so embarrassed? disappointed? Like I tried to make myself look different. and he added "you look older now. Makes me seem like your xiao bai lian. Bring xdd for shopping". I know he's joking abt the xiao bai lian part, but I really don't deny, when I put make up, I LOOK MUCH MORE OLDER AND MATURE.

I think annie (ryan's gf) got a shock after she helped me put on some makeup for her sch work. She did say I looked more mature. Haish :( and well, of cos credit cards and surveyors went after me, and bug me to sign up and stuffs. Irritating.

Well, oogling at online blogshops, and wondering why some people can be invited or like asked to do modelling for their blogshops while I'm some fat ugly person just buying the clothes online?

1. I do not have nice legs (in addition to the scar)
2. I am not that thin. (dieting ftw!)
3. I am not chio.

Haha. Laughing at all these, I thought what my mum said. You live young once, go put on some make up. (I don't deny my make ups are all obsolete in my cupboard) LOL.

Then I decided, maybe I should start purchasing clothes. Seeing the price kinda hesitated me. Thus, working is the solution to feed my wants. many many wants.

After typing such a draggy post, purpose is...

Should I get this $24+$2.25 (registered postage) shorts?


I shall be hardworking!

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