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Kite Flying Day!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

This is my first time flying a kite for real! With pro strings (those kind you can wheel in and the whole gadget is kinda big!) plus a kite of our own! It's so exciting. Weather is good. Towards 3+pm it's less sunny and the weather is superlicious cooling :D

Thank God for good weather! :)

It started off meeting at his house as he stays near west coast park. We decided to walk over (though initially the weak and lazy me prefer to take bus) about 2-3 bus stops away. Upon arriving, we went to set up the kite we borrowed from his sister. However, there was a missing stick needed to support the kite. Thus, we walked to the nearby market about 1-2 bus stops away (yes walking again lol. p.s. i'm fated to keep walking longer distance today!)


Thus, we went to find a cute kite (penguin one $8.80) and bought the string ($14.90). The store person told us that this string won't break as easily as the normal one. Also we bought a $2.90 rattan mat which is quite big :D Pictures are seen below!

Can you see this penguin kite? :D So cute lo! Then we started flying the kite, and penguin suddenly like sinking down and down. And there was this uncle saying "PENGUIN 下海了!" Which means, penguin going back to the ocean! LOL! Cos our penguin sinking down to the land! But pro bf manage to prevent it...!

See? :D Bf pro in flying kite sia. LOLS.
The drinks and bread he got ready for us ^^ Minute maid orange pulpy juice! (p.s.s i still prefer orange one :/)

can you spot penguin? :D

I find that our penguin kite so cute lo. :D And as our kite flies higher, den some people really, sometimes very dotsssss. Our kite so high up, den they know their kite gg to entangle the string if they never pull their kite away (cos they just started trying to get their kites to fly) then keep entangle to our kite -.- so ard 5pm we decided to keep our penguin.

With love, Wholemeal bread with scrambled egg and honey baked ham!

Oh yes, this BIG OCTOPUS KITE! Is super big seriously. Like duno how many times taller and bigger than me!

And this is the pro uncle flying it. See the string gadget on his hand? Is super pro one pls!!! His kite is like the pro-est there T_T Got one python kite with SUPER LONG TAIL one. like SUPER-DUPER-QUARDUPLE LONG!

It was really fun and relaxing just looking at people flying the kite. I would want to do this often again! Cheap yet FUN method of going out! :D Beats watching movie for $10 / person! Try it with your friends and love ones!


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