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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just came back from buffet ! Ate at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Holland Village!

Really super full.

Update tmr after getting more pics from Marie's cam! We practically ate like hungry ghosts sia! All other tables pile little bit. We like pile SUPER ALOT. 5 of us (4 girls 1 guy). Ate alot.

Let me recall what we ordered.

6 bowls of Dou Hua
3 Plates of Pork
1 Plate of Beef
1 Plate of Pork Skin
2 Plates of liver
1 Plate of Pig Stomach Meat
2 Plates of Japanese Mushroom
1 Plate of Enoki Mushroom
8 longs of Xiao Long Bao
1 Plate of Tang Hoon
1 Plate of La Mian
Braised Bamboo Shoots
1 basket of veg
12 Man Tous
1 Plate of sliced potato
1 Plate of Nian Gao
1 Plate of Chicken
2 Jugs of Barley
1 Plate of Ox's Belly
1 long of vegetable bun
1 plate of pork dumpling
Many bowls of different sauces
Bi-combination soup (pork soup and sichuan hot & spicy soup)

Can't remember if still got somemore. It seemed never ending cos our tables are piled up and we cleared everything sia. Well, 90% of the stuffs at least to 96%! Well mostly thanks to Bf for eating those we didn't want to LOL. He's like our dustbin :( Especially the beef! And fatty pork belly!

Nah post photo of my handsome bf! Tmr den blog. Damn tired and got work tmr! Ciaosss~!

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