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Chong You Bing! Yummy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I was on the way for my training at chinatown when I saw this stall selling this chong you bing! Taste kinda like roti prata but you eat won't get sick of it one! Idk why o.o

Well, this is the store, you can keep a look out of it! :D

Basically they use this big fryer or smthing, put the dough in and close the lid of this big cooker. And this dough will get fried! :D

When it's out, it'll be something like this, and they'll add a special sauce! Taste abit onions inside but it's DAMN GOOD ! :D A little spicy. Just LITTLE and not much.

Afterwards, they add the chong (green thingy you put in soup?) and sesame seed!

And this lady will chop it up into slices like PIZZA!

Well here's the price list and try the one with the sauce one! The difference is the sauce lo! Not bad :D Some say smells like curry, i think smells like maggi mee LOL. idk rahs. not bad jiu shi le. taste abit like prata for the dough! But you won't get sick of eating it :D

Did I make you hungry now? :)

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