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Boyfriend. His free time.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Boyfriend has been working during weekends, and internship during weekdays.

I am working weekends, weekdays plus schooling during weekdays as well.

Thus, we are both busy. We hardly have time to meet, and only during my 15mins or half hour break time in between that he'll walk over to my class so that we can spend this tiny weeny time together with each other.

It's really rare to be able to spend few hours or even a day together with him.

But still, I'm someone who doesn't want my boyfriend to devote all his free time to me and neglect his own friends. He didn't neglect but because when we both have free time, we'll try meet up and go out together, thus, there's no other free time to go out with his friends.

Or take for example, yesterday he felt sick, so he didn't go out with them. Or today, he find it pointless when everyone is going home and meeting again later. So he rather go home and take a rest as he's feeling tired.

Though he see most of his friends EVERYDAY in school because he's doing in-house internship and his best friend is his group mate, but, I understand school is different from going out.

I hope to apologise to his friends that because of me, he has been spending lesser time in their outings and all. I did urge him to go out with you guys but I know he don't want me to be disappointed or something plus he know we hardly have time to go out with each other.

I really fear later he tio outcast by his friends though I know his friends won't like that. Cos his friends are really understanding, fun to hang out with, nice and humourous!

Hope somehow one day we both don't need to work so hard. Hope these few months pass quickly.

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