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Sachi, My cutest dog!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nowadays she has become attached to me. Partly due to cos I'm at home most of the time haha.

(p.s. I think sitting at home using com has made my thighs fatter. I won't ever get office job next time!)

Anyway here are some cute pictures of her. Alright some people may comment, she's black, she's ugly, she's noisy or whatsoever. But hey, she's cute, pretty, smart and playful to me! Well, the princess of my family haha! :)

The whole size of her

When she's resting and I'm snapping away.

and yes, that's my bed she's sleeping on. She really knows how to enjoy life!

Btw, do you guys know every TUESDAY at ANY IKEA, 10meatballs set are going for $4 only? (usual price $6.20 i think) Worth the try man! It's superlicious ^o^

This mascot is seen at the busstop at tampines area, where ikea courts and giant is at. I think it belongs to courts! :O Everytime different mascot character though! Haha! Not sure whether how long it'll be there though!

It takes 2 hands to clap. I don't deny my fault as well. Cheers!

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