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Outing with Marie & Garie for Crystal Jade La Mian and FOX Hoodie!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I got all my BBB (means BUY BUY BUY) today! Okay lets start with something frightening today :(

I lost my WALLET IN SCHOOL! :(

I only realised it when it was during my second lesson around 1.30pm! (My lesson starts in the morning 8:30am) I was totally freaking out. Seriously. When retracing back, I remembered buying mineral water and then heading back to class around 9plus during my 1st class break. I remembered putting my wallet back into my backpack I was carrying with me and my bag was all the while on my lap.

Before leaving the 1st class at 11:30am, I packed everything inside my bag before leaving. It was really a heart-shaken experience. I thought I was almost dying as there are a lot of valuables inside!

1. IC
2. Driving License
3. ATM card
4. My Pay (more than $100!)
5. Cheque (I think it's crossed, i think....)

This experience really took my soul away! Gosh! Rachel, Mark and Joshua helped me retrace my steps back! I went back canteen, toilet and all! All gone! Later we head to the security and left my number there!

After heading back to my class, Mark suggested we go back to my previous class to check! Thus, Mark and Rachel followed me to my previous class. Thankfully Mark asked the girl (who was occupying the seat I'm sitting for my 1st class) whether she saw a white wallet. At first, she said no. Then they helped to look around (the people around the area) and FOUND IT ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF WHERE I'M SITTING!

Thank God, goodness gracious! Before I found it, I already told my mum and she gave me a lecture :/ Haish.

Anyway really thankful for my friends who helped me. And thank Garie for picking up my class and sorry for keep talking on the phone and disturb your class due to my LOUDDD voice LOL! And Marie who offerred solutions and sms me when I lost it! Even thank the security guard!

Thank Mum for praying for me!

Through this frightening experience, I kept double check my things! I got poor memory of where I put my things. That's why I always lost things! Those who know me longer / hang out with me longer will know that I always suddenly ask " WHERE'S MY HP!!!! "! And found it in my bag or something! Recently I almost lost my specs too :(

Oh yes, 2 days ago, on Sunday Night, after Clark sent me home, I called him 3mins later and frantically asked him if he had my phone with him! He told me no! and it wasn't in my bag nor my room! Finally I found it on my living rm table as I suddenly remembered that the first thing I did after entering my house was to check what's for dinner! and carelessly left my hp on the table! LOL!

p.s. while typing this my heart still pi bo pi bo LOL!

After school, went out with Marie and Garie cos we wanted to go for NUM 1for1 sale! :D We walked around and Garie bought a sweet dress for herself and I bought myself a tube dress! :D

For dinner, we went to Crystal Jade, La Mian Xiao Long Bao!

We took damn long to decide where to eat and WHAT to eat LOL.

Ate 1-2 mouths alrdy....IT'S DAMN NICE! Rating 4/5!


After that, Garie and I strongly recommend J.CO Donuts to Marie! And Garie recommend Glazed Donut! After Marie tried it, she love it manzzzz! :D

Kind helpful nice sweet Marie willingly accompanied me to Plaza Sing to get my Fox Hoodie as Bugis don't have stock for M! Yes finally got it! OCBC Debit or Credit Card got 15% discount!!!

Thanks Marie! Love you to bits! You're my darling friend I'll never forget and always help me whenever I need! Love you dip dip! :D

Tiring back today. Really down with bad sore throat and my voice is gone. Gonna get sick soon! Please don't let me fall sick! I still got my tests and work! :(

p.s.s. Ytd's Scar with BabyBoy Bee, Shawn, Jiaming, LX, Mitz was SO FUN! Hahahahaha! I'll try to practise and be a more pro priest next time! :D

p.s.s.s. I realised I got quite a lot of clothes especially dresses that I wore only once. Because I scared wear to school too attention seeking plus I'm lazy. Thus, I always wear shorts and shirt. LOL. I think I should make an effort to change :( I want to put make up manzzz! :(

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