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Onaka @ Rochester Park & 15 Minutes at La Salle, worth the try!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Equipped with my new desktop, definitely photoshop has come handy for me to tweek my photos slightly (colours, and to get rid of pimples haha). Feeling guilty of not tweeking and collating Clark's birthday pictures yet though. Sorry! In a while...

It was really once in a blue moon opportunity to be able to meet up with my ex Swissotel Front Desk Colleagues! Though some have things on and couldn't make it to our gathering, nonetheless, the fun was there, and STILL THERE!

Met up with Edsmond, Zeng Kai, Yan Jun to visit Liz at work! It is at 44 Rochester Park. Really a 2nd Dempsey-like place!

Onaka is the organic healthy restaurant concept whereby the cuisine is set to refine our body and soul.

Liz & her colleague

Seeing her hard at work plus she got her very own name card stating Executive, Marketing! That's really cool man! :)

While waiting for her to end work, as well as to try out the delicacies at Onaka, we ordered some food for ourselves as well!

My choice is the terriyaki sandwich. It taste quite good, lots of veggies (that's of cos!) and it comes with the salsa and biscuit!

Terriyaki Sandwich

Take a look at the chicken. Doesn't it looks really good and tempting?

Yan Jun's Salmon dish! Can't remember what is the exact name!

I think this is Zeng Kai's one!

And this is Edsmond's?

Nonetheless, our Liz had created healthy fruity drinks and it is in the menu! Look are the beautiful colours!

Last but not least, a try in their chocolate cake! Comments were that it was a little dry. It's maybe due to no-egg and no-butter recipe. Everything is H-E-A-L-T-H-Y!

Not forgetting of introducing who are the great people who came along for this gathering.

Zeng Kai



Yan Jun

And of cos pictures are a necessity! It took us quite an effort to get this almost-perfect shot! :D

After Liz work ended around 5pm, we headed towards La Salle. It was recommended by Edsmond and he said the ambience is very nice. Well, I have not heard of it before, however, we decided to go give it a try in the end.

Upon arriving, the unique and intense building sculpture arouse our senses and it seemed to be another dimension of state I'm at in that instant.

Amaze was the tacky funky warm ambience of the restaurant, 15 Minutes. The picture below is where the live performances are held. According to Eds blog post, live performances are only held every wednesday night, 7.30pm. It has 2 parts to this restaurant. However I didn't film or capture down the restaurant surrounding! Will do so the next time I'm there!

Not forgetting to grab a picture of all the people-of-the-world! (A phrase used by my Maths1 Lecturer haha!). Yan Jun, Zeng Kai (distorted cos he moved!), Edsmond, Liz!

Numerous food varieties, beverages, salads, sides. All temptations to try everything!

Sweet Potato Fries 4/5

Uniqueness to its taste. It's crispy on the outside, yet warm and yummy inside. A sweet natural taste to it, which caught our taste buds and it was gone within minutes!

Sausage Beef with Herb Rice 3.6/5
(Rating given by Zeng Kai who ate it)

He let us tried the sausage. It's abit tough when chewed upon. Thick with flavoured chilli beef sauce. The overall taste, however, was just on an average.

Mixed Seafood Pasta 3/5
$10.90~ (can't rmb!)

I've tried the pasta. A little dry, on average. But palatable! :) Tinge of seafood flavour inside of cos!

Dory Fillet 3.4/5
(Rated by Edsmond who ate it)

Can't really remember the name of the dish. But the sauce you see in the picture taste like indian curry, however, the non-spicy version. The fish is very tender, as expected from a dory fillet. Not that bad to taste. However, commented by Edsmond, that the vegetables were dry.

Best and Cheapest, the grilled chicken! 4.75/5

Woah this chicken has really enlightens one's appetite and taste. It is really delicious and comes with herb rice (commented by Liz to be tasty!). Worth the price, worth the money, worth the try!

Duck Salad in a Jar 4/5

Edsmond commented that the duck was superlicious. The concept is very interesting where everything is in the jar, and you have to tilt it upside down to mix the salad, and start eating away! Sauce may not be thousand island. I read the menu and some salads have miso sauce, vinaigrette sauce, etc. Very interesting concept and taste. Even I can accept it (for I'm a person who don't take salad!)

Cheese Pizza 5/5 *

I'm a person who's not a fan of cheese. But seeing the delighted happy faces of my buddies, they all agree that this cheese pizza is supersupersuper-delicious! Really recommended. Warm to taste where the cheese melts in your mouth. There are cheese cubes on top of it as well! Totally a killer and must-try food!

Double Fudge Mocha Blended Frappe 5/5*

Love this to the max! The ice was well blended with the drink, super flavourful and those who tried commented that the drink is fabs! SUPER MUST TRY!

I left early for my piano lesson. Felt bad about it. Hope to see you guys soon again!

With all the food pictures, I must say, really a memorable experience @ 15Minutes La Salle. Hope to go there again!

Good Night! :)

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