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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Okay just got my new cpu. My friend really nice. I transferred him $1000 abt 1-2days before he went to buy. He bought the parts and fixed it up for me, help me installl everything suisui! Everything done! And yes! Now i'm using it to blog!

He's a very patient guy. Wei Hong is his name! :) A very honest chap and very helpful! He provides very good customer service and attitude! :) He fix software and hardware for desktops :D You can always approach him at 9199 2603!

I need to get get my webcam, mic, speaker! and er.....better mouse maybe? Cos my current one too short LOL. maybe get a USB extended.

Sometimes I'm thinking that should I continue blogging since so little pple reaD? But oh wells, just take it i'm talking to myself LOL!

Bee came over to eat dinner/lunch with me! And i love this red bean pancake lurhs! Freshly fried de! Omg!

And bee ate kuay chap. okok only~

Later my friend came over to pick us up and headed to my house and he helped me fix!

Thanks bee for staying and helping me install and all!

So this is roughly how my com looks like. Okay this keyboard that cost 30bucks is not good -.- i will go get a $11 one~.~

Haha! And i need a speaker, webcam, mic! Recommendations?

Okay this colour combi i choose one. Cos keyboard clark bought it white cos he knows i like though black would be a better choice! P.S. the side of this CPU is partialTRANSPARENT and has blue LIGHT! Damn cool! Even my mum was like WOAH at it! will upload pics soon!

Oh yes. those who wants my friend's contact, you can call or sms him at 9199 2603!

p.s. my mum see le, now ask my friend can build one for my sister anot! And yes, she's dead serious abt it! HAHA. My friend's gonna build one for my sis! :D That's of cos with charges and all. But his charges are reasonable and in fact cheaper than other pple!

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