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Monday, October 11, 2010

Procrastination is really deadly. It seems as if I can't get myself started with anything :( Oh well. Really kinda feeling tired though. I wanted to take a video of myself though. Did record myself playing some simple song but oh well, can't seems to get it uploaded with the sound. So, forget about it.

Day to day seems to be a routine or rather, standard operating procedure. Work, sch, work, sch play com. Sometimes I really feel that I'm a super paranoid pessimistic person. I just can't help thinking the way I'm thinking. It really seems kinda strenuous trying to catch up with friends nowadays as well given the busy schedule. I rather have the free time to stay at home and take a rest or even blogging like this now.

Sometimes I wonder, should I really work and burn out my weekends? It seems never ending. However, to get what I really want, I got to. However, I seems to gradually neglect my studies already (and my irritating dog is sitting on my lap growling at cars and pedestrians from my window-.-)

Thinking back, friends are really there for you. But environment changes a person. Sometimes you may not realise you've changed. But you did. Maybe I didn't realised I've changed, but I did?

Few weeks back and even before school starts, marie asked me whether I want to go overseas to study. Which means for year 2 and 3, she don't mind going University of London at UK (i'm not sure lol). I wouldn't mind as well if it's not very expensive! More exposure and all. But still unsure about it. Because it means that not coming back to Singapore for 2 years. (air ticket expensive!) Not really sure as well.

How I wish I can travel around the world with bf! At least South East Asia like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and even Thailand! I wanna travel! But all also so expensive -.-

Anyway, maybe I should start copying my notes over for accounting. Haven't done that yet. LOL.

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