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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guys and girls really think differently.

Lets say for example.

Boyfriend asked Girlfriend what she wants for her birthday. On that day itself, he ask where she wants to go.

However, to us girls, we can go anywhere you plan. Even a simple macdonalds or something. Just plan something. Don't expect us to decide during our birthday. It seems as if you didn't put effort in it!

Or..sometimes guys do things at the correct time. but did not do things at an even correct time.


Girl down with flu. Boy came down to accompany her and took care of her. (Ultimate sweetness)

When Girl is down with fever, Boy asked her to take care, remind her drink water and all, and went for his hang-out session with his friends. Not that he don't care for her but he thought she was better. But he didn't know tt moment she need him by his side.

My two cents worth of opinion, is that guys don't know how judge when is the more appropriate time a girl needs him to be there.

But anyway, can't blame guys. Not all guys are like that.

Guys think LOGIC. Yet, they fail to see the HEART.
Girls think EMOTIONALLY. And Guys thought is PMS. lol!

Anyway, just did something for bf and gonna give him at the correct time! Cos I'm a girl HAHAHAHAHA!

p.s. Maybe guys shld try putting their shoes in a girl's point of view and understand what they want.

p.s.s. Girls are eaaasy to understand if you feel that with your heart :) They are so easy to be pacified. [Most girls]

p.s.s.s. I refer this post to MOST GUYS. Not all.

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