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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Even the closest friend can be so distant and unfamiliar in a split second.

Trust and believe given to a friend. Secrets being told to friend and trust your friend with it.

One day, you just simply discover that your friend started acting different. Attitude and all.

Why? I asked myself.

I don't know.

From the start, I didn't even do anything.

Maybe time changes a person. Different environment changes a person? Idk.

It just made me so disappointed and yea, as a paranoid me, I started nightmare and dreaming about it. It sucks totally cos it drains me instead of letting me rest at night.

What can I do? I guess, maybe the friend will feel better if I have lesser contact with the individual.

For short, trusting someone? Too easy for me. That's why I'm always either being made use of, casted aside, attitude at or being ignored.

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