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Family Dinner on Children's Day

Friday, October 01, 2010

My whole family went for dinner at Tian Wai Tian. Around Macpherson Area.

For about 5 people, it cost about 50++ including fish steamboat and 2-3 other dishes for 5 people and still got leftover :O

The table number we are seated. It's like a coffee shop place. Omg so many flies flying around when we just seated la :( So irritating. Afterwards eating that time, due to the heat and fire of the steamboat, the flies flew away!

My sister!

The chilli toufu Big prawn dish!

The steamboat! 4.25/5

Can you spot the flame?

This is how the whole steamboat thingy looks like! It's really nice and I've been eating at here for years already! Their fried chicken also not bad but we didn't order it today!

here comes the sambal chilli kang kong! Not bad! 3.75/5

Afterwards went to parents' new office! Still renovating though and took a few pictures~!

Dad and mum!

This room looks like dancing studio right? Haha~!

Ended off with the 1st level~!

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