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Confession of my guilt.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I knew this was coming.

I slept at 11pm last night (which is 4 hrs ago) but I couldn't sleep well. It was due to my sore throat, making my throat pain and dry, thus, affecting my breathing. My monthly period did come upon reaching home from work ytd afternoon.

It was late. It suppose to come 2 weeks before. But due to lack of sleep and work schedules plus school, it delayed until recently I took more time to sleep and took off from my weekend job.

I expected the pain to come. But little did I experience this.

I regretted...

Eating that bowl of ice cream ytd-.-

I didn't see it coming. I regretted alot. The pain was so bad till I kept waking up, and through the night , I kept tossing and turning.

Once you eat something cold, THAT'S IT. No amount of medicine could prevent the pain from coming.

It was so bad till I had to take 2 panadols, instead of the usual 1. and even after taking + the effect of panadol runs in, the pain is still there, but much better, bearable.

The Bai Feng Yan, I just started my 1st one few days back. So the effect hasn't run in yet. (you must take once every month right after your mens end and you'll see positive effect in about 4-6months) plus, the stupid me ate that bowl of ice cream. Gone, Gonneeee, and here I regretted.

My whole face went pale, my lips went pale. It was as if someone stabbed me in my abdomen. That's how pain it is. Have you had the worse diarrhea? Yea, the pain is x1000 more worse that it. That's how pain it is.

I kept running to the toilet but it doesn't help. In the end, I went upstairs to knock on my parents' door. and my mum woke up and asked me why. Grabbing the railing, I said weakly, "mens cramp. very pain. help, I'm gonna faint." While saying this, my knees are already weak and I'm almost gonna roll down the stairs. My mum quickly grabbed me and helped me down. Only thing she could do is give me the will power of endurance, comfort, warm water and rub my tummy for me. She accompanied me till I'm better, and then finally now I felt better, though it still hurts quite abit, but I told her to go take a rest.

I asked my mum, why me, why I'm the one experience immense pain. My mum replied because my abdomen is cold. And asked if I did take any cold things. I confessed to her.

This is the 2nd time in my life experiencing such pain till I'm about to faint. I can see my whole lips being pale and I totally could not even stand, sit, walk, lie down. Cos it's just too pain.

Sometimes stubbornness can really kill me.

Things I can remind myself:
1. Stop taking cold things, especially near period
2. Try my effort in running -.-
3. Religiously eat my Bai Feng Yan and Iron Pills (Cos i got low blood. maybe that's why even worse)

and something not related: Do my assignment which is due tmr -.-

I kept procrastinating.

I'll just end my guilt confession and try to get some rest. Else get some work done. It's high time to get started!

Go Charisse!

p.s. those who experience bad cramps, drinking really warm-hot water really helps + INVEST in a WATER BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.s. Thanks mum for sacrificing your sleep to take care of me! :(

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