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A380 First Flight to Haneda, Japan

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally another inaugural flight is here of our Singapore Airlines A380 Airbus!

I was really happy to work there, together with my batch mate and juniors! :) I always love working with SATS. They are the food caterer for SIA flights! Working with them is really fun! And actually they do hire like old age people to work in there, at their kitchen! Cooking, peeling fruits, etc. All sorts of things! And they seemed really happy working there! Even the dish washing aunty also very happy ! :)

This time round, it was held at Terminal 3, Gate B5!

They even have souvenirs for the passengers! Which are specially made for this flight (as showed above in the picture of the cups)

Roughly, we helped in setting up the entire place, to prepare for passengers to arrive! :)

Executive Chef Eric and Adeline setting up the buffet line!

While the rest of us waiting to be briefed! :)

And yes, the moment that you've been waiting for, FOOD! :D

Assorted Fresh Sandwich!


And their CHAWAMUSHI! It's superb! The layer on top is the sauce. On first mouth, the egg melts into your mouth. There's chicken, a WHOLE PRAWN, mushroom that is soft and chewy (not like some which is HARD and THINLY CUT -cheapo ones outside yucks), and some other ingredients inside! Everyone GRABBED THIS! ^^

[top] Nicely made Beef Terriyaki Pie. No Cheese at all (good for non-cheese lover like me!) and the pie is super crispy :) Good pie!

[bottom] Fish coated with bread crumbs and you can add wasabi mayo on it! I didn't add wasabi mayo cos I don't eat wasabi nor mayo. Thus, I add satay gray sauce LOL!

This pasta with Tomato and Pesto! Super nice! Cheese is optional! There's a whole bowl of cheese to put if you want! It taste niceeeeeeeee! The picture don't bring justice to this pasta ! Sorry noob photo!

Last but not least, DESSERTS! Love the brownies, Pandan Kaya cake, Pineapple tart. Okay basically all also nice! I love brownies and pandan kaya cake! But due to now having sorethroat, I give my vote to Pandan Kaya Cake (the green cake). It's not very sweet, soft texture of cos, with a mild pandan aroma. Easy to eat, swallow, and would want more! :)

Didn't take the signature satay cos everyone ate it already! So I took another pic of the berries with pineapple tart! :)

Well the food were superblicious! Yummy meows! Nights :D

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