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Seriously, we shouldn't be racist.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I feel that foreign workers esp those who do construction site jobs and all, they don't really deserve to be condemn. Like if a caucasian is convicted of rape, den he is convicted. But if a foreign worker from bangladesh commits rape, people condemns the whole country and thinks all bangala are dangerous :/

I felt that they are just here to work and earn money to support their family back at home.

I saw this video of a woman in the train. Being racist and don't let the foreign workers sit. At the end, she allowed an old asian uncle to sit. Seriously, how can a Singaporean act this way?

And to be truthful, these acts of racism is evidently pass on to the younger generations.

I was teaching a group of pri 3 kids. And this indian boy pass his kite that he won, from answering a qns correctly, to a foreign worker working near marina barrage for safe keeping. And his classmate shouted, "DON'T GIVE YOUR KITE TO HIM LA. DON'T GET NEAR HIM. LATER HE KIDNAP YOU, KILL YOU, STEAL YOUR MONEY, RAPE YOU. GET AWAY FROM HIM."

Seriously what kind of attitude is that. Everyone, every race, anyone can make any mistakes. Yet, people really condemns them.

Lets not talk about foreign workers. Even I saw my friend's status in facebook.

I drink everyday and people think I'm a bloody alcoholic cause I'm indian, Tomaso Crocetta drinks everyday and it's cool cause he's italian.

Sometimes, this kind of racism should really stop. If it continues, racial harmony? Harmonious singapore? Will be gone. Maybe Singapore will have riots in future.

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