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Potato Salad for Potato Lovers!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Decided to make potato salad for clark superman boy cos he simply loves potato~ Read up on different recipes and just decided to make my own recipe. Simple one that I think many pple also got do~


Honey Cherry tomatoes (From japan ones)
Baby Potatoes
Honey Baked Ham
Bacon Garnish

I just cut the cherry tomatoes into half, and ham into smaller pieces.

Peel the potato and boil in water till soft. Cannot be too soft else when you mix the salad it'll become very marshy~

After which pour the tomatoes, ham and potatos inside. Make sure to drip dry the potatoes.

I added this bacon garnish / bits into the....

Mayo sauce~ and squeezed some orange juice inside :) [as I'm trying to achieve some healthy salad]. Do not put too much orange juice. Make sure the mayo is still quite thick.

Mixing the mayo sauce, then I pour inside together with the potato , tomatoes, and ham. Mix all together.

Add some bacon bits on top. Amount depends on own liking~

Seal it up and chill it in the fridge! :)

Really simple and you can make for your family, bf, gf, and keep it up to about 2 days no problem ^^


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