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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Okay I've been taking up ac hoc jobs! :) And currently just came back for interview for HTC Promoter job! Pay is $6/hr only! But weekends ba! haha!

And he can deploy me at hougang mall! So nearrrrrrr! ^^ Yeps! Happy die! hahahahaha :)

(p.s. just ate like 2 IKEA hotdog buns. Darn fullllllllllllllll)

Today surprised bee with homemade potato salad. My weird bf likes to eat potatoes! And past few nights have been cracking my brains to think how to make potato salad cos I don't eat salad. Googled through different recipes online (mostly give me all very ang mo style one with some ingredients not easy to find) .

Thus I just made simple ones. like potato with honey baked ham, honey cherry tomatoes with mayo sauce specially mixed with orange pulp freshly squeezed. Not forgetting bacon garnished :)

After making this morning, sent down to ngee ann poly for him! :D Okay both of us forget take peektures of it! Cos....

HIM - too busy eating
ME - Too busy making and rushing down (cos later got HTC interview at 4.30pm!)


Hope you enjoy it Superman Boy!


On a side note, I really hate to see guys who cheat on their gf and try to ask for them back. The worse of this scenario is HE CHEATED ON HER. like wth?

Seriously. like those guys really seems to like to make use of girls esp those who are deeply in love with him. Like. Omg. I BTH.


Time to sleep. nights ! ♥

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