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Marina Barrage Work and MAKAN!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Work work and work :(

Hehe Today teach primary school kids wo! Don't see me aunty aunty but i know how teach wo X: Basically teaching the water cycle~ And this batch of kids from TKP really much more guai~ Hahaha!

The marina bridge that I'll be teaching at.

This tentage that we are at~ I was partnered with another trainer, call Jeffrey! A nice guy and only 18 years old LOL.

And sooner or later, it started to rain, thus have to go indoor.

Seriously, my voice gonna be gone soon sia. It's like some kids really naughty and make alot noise so I had to shout! :(

After that met clark at orchard to eat! Grabbed tako balls as usual. But I feel their standard dropped. Firstly, the egg mayo became 2 pathetic small portions when it used to be a full filled row of egg mayo. Secondly, the tako ball is not crispy anymore :/ They had new pple cooking it :/

Afterwards went to eat japanese curry. It doesn't taste like normal chicken curry. It's more of abit curry taste and not spicy at all. a brand new unique taste to curry ba. This time we ordered the GRAND SLAM portion!

See how engross he's eating after a 1st picture of smile! LOL!

It is just behind takoyaki store! You can see from the picture below! But you got to go round the corner cos it's the resting eating area that is side by side.

Do you know they serve 2.5kg of Japanese curry rice?

I wonder who can finish that at one go @_@

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