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I ♥ Taimei

Friday, September 03, 2010

After seeing so many of my friends went to I ♥ Taimei to eat, I felt so tempted and went to try it.

At first I was searching online for the place. It states 52 Queens Street. Well, Queens Street is a long stretch of road. I practically walked the whole stretch. I asked ah kiat how to walk there. He says walk from iluma behind. Let me tell you guys where exactly it is. Simple, straight to the point. It's at the BACK of bugis street, the building connected beside, Red Dot House or something. walk through bugis street from the front to the back of bugis street, it's on the left.

They have lots of combo and named it selina, ella, hebe, xiao s, etc. Each meal comes with a side and a drink. You can choose to upsize or just get any ala carte items.

French Fries are $2 per packet and they have toufu fries wo~! Flavours as on picture stated.

Best of all they have chilli powder and pepper for us to spam! :D

This is our order.

Combo Xiao S comes with...

Caramel Milk Tea

I find this caramel milk tea not bad. Ordered without pearl and upsized. But clark doesn't like caramel while I love caramel. Haha. To him, he doesn't like it.

I rate it 7.5/10! IMO, koi's nicer though. LOL.

Popcorn Chicken with curry leaves

Being chilli spicy fan, both of us spammed chilli powder. However still not spicy enough. Maybe didn't spam enough. Clark finds the chicken not juicy as compared to those taiwan xiao chi chicken you get in pasar malams. I agree on that point. But something special is they added curry leaves together with the chicken. Perhaps to bring out the flavour and spiciness? The uniqueness of their popcorn chicken? But to me, it just added a little faint curry smell to the chicken. That's all. It's quite normal ba. Average.

I rate it 6.5/10!

Shake Fries with Spicy Mexican

It's actually french fries mixed with spicy mexican powder. Not very spicy though :/ But fries is nice! Haha! Clark wanted to try the toufu fries but we gonna eat our dinner later, so we skipped it i guess. It's crispy, yummy and addictive! I prefer this to macdonald fries~!!

I rate it 8/10!


We ordered tempura not knowing what is it. After tasting, it's a deep fried flat piece of i-don't-know-what de tempura. Taste abit like prawn paste? with garlic. Garlic taste quite strong. At the start, we kinda don't really like the garlic taste, but as you eat more and more, it becomes tasty~! Haha. Added chilli powder also to spice up the flavour. To me, I find it not super worth to buy but you can try it if you want!

I rate it 6.5/10!

Overall, their SERVICE SUCKS. Seriously. There was a lady cashier. And she took my order as if I owe her a debt or something. Moreover, waiting time was ridiculously long! The drink is ready quite fast. But the food took so long. As the queue gets longer, the food has not arrived. Seriously. A middle age lady still can chew her food and slowly do things and the male chef inside deep frying the stuffs also took long. We waited quite some time before our food arrives while those behind the queue who ordered drinks only has gotten their drinks and left already. Well, but for the sake of trying out, waiting time is quite worth. Just abit too long eh?

Service: 3/10
Waiting time: 2/10

Overall: 7/10

I find it's not bad to go try it out ba~ Each has their own taste preference! And maybe i suay suay get staffs that are working slow on that day with bad service attitude. But, I love taiwan food~ So yea. Gonna go back next time to try again!


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