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I ♥ Taimei AGAIN

Friday, September 24, 2010

Marie and I went to shopping ytd and bought what we wanna buy. Yes. I hoot a jacket and shoe! From now on limit le :( $200/mth or less to spend !

Besides that, I eagerly intro`ed marie to I LOVE TAIMEI! HEHEHE.

a comment to make: the guy who is the cashier, became friendly to me and marie. Yet last time i go with clark, he give a stern and unfriendly attitude -.- SERIOUSLY BIAS -.-

Okay beside that. THE FOOD WE TRIED WAS YUMMY! We ordered SELINA SET!

Consisting: BBQ Chicken Cutlet, Fries, Drink.

Mine was BBQ chicken, toufu seaweed fries, lemon jelly drink.

Marie was BBQ chicken, cheesey cheese fries, milk tea with aloe vera. Additional - Garlic Seafood toufu fries

Our drink. Hmm. To me, milk tea okok lo. Marie says the aloe is nice. Milk tea is normal. I find the lemon jelly drink okok only leh :/ Not really what pple say SUPER nice though.

The rest of our order. Marie says cheesey cheese fries not much cheese taste. bbq chicken not bad. I find toufu seaweed fries nice! bbq chicken is thick and juicy. But meat not much flavour. Only skin den got flavour LOL.

Lastly marie add on and bought toufu garlic seafood flavour. After you eat, your mouth got the garlic siap siap taste. And the garlic taste will stay in your mouth for quite some time LOL.

Hmm I recommend not frequent eating because it's unhealthy, and if you keep eating, there will be not much novelty or excitement in it le. Eat it once in a while or go try it once is worth it :)

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