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Friday, September 17, 2010

I know nowadays alot people choose to building up a customised desktop esp for gaming purposes! Me too!

I got a very super nice friend, Wei Hong. He is currently helping me build up a desktop. Really felt bad disturbing him time and time again asking different questions.

But he's really good and knowledgeable.

1. He has really lots of patience when I met with him at sim lim and gave me all the advice I need. A super nice and humble guy.

2. Definitely trustworthy as I've known him for years already!

3. He has been building desktops for people for quite some time already. So he's actually knowing what's on the IT market itself, what parts are recommended, and all sorts! Just ask him questions if you are in doubt! :)

I felt that his passion is really into computers and their parts. He will even configure everything for you sui sui!

Oh yes, I think he does software repairs as well! and Hardware on desktops! So just sms him and ask kay? :)

He's a nice and approachable guy so feel free to just drop him a sms on any questions you wish to ask and your budget and all. Don't worry about Sim Lim Square cos he gets parts from reliable shop e.g. PC Themes~

His handphone is 9199 2603! or you can email him at!

His charges are reasonable and in fact cheaper than some people who are into this line as well.

Do help spread around (you can copy paste my this post lol) and no problems on asking me questions if you want on! :)

Remember: His handphone is 9199 2603! or you can email him at!

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