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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes, we just wish to be stubborn, to be unreasonable.
Who doesn't want their life to be smooth sailing, want things their own way. However, life is the other way round. Maybe for some people, their life is like a fairytale. They do not need to worry much about. My life is of envy to some people, maybe. However, sometimes, there are things I'm not happy about. Yea. I know I can never understand how they are feeling. However, sometimes, I wished I could have my way. Could I? Maybe.

Sometimes I just want to be stubborn more. Have things my way, please? May I? Could I? Should I?

Lets Pray.

But I appreciate for everything and all that I have, where I'm born in. It's just that tiny bit. Just that tiny bit I need.

It starts with the alphabet "F".


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