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Something that made me laugh

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Read ann's blog and totally agree with her about "take note & obey"

Like when sometimes you not in a mood or caught up with something, lets say a meeting or whatsoever. you reply your friend or anyone saying, "brb. don't reply" (something like that) but people always, and i repeat ALWAYS reply, OK. lol!

Makes me so wanna laugh now. But during those situation, i'll feel like wth !@#$%^%$#@ . tell you don't reply liao still reply ok.

I met another incident before. nono, A FEW CASES.

(convo convo convo....etc)

ME: ok can't sms anymore. got to study. don't reply.


ME: tell you don't reply means OK also don't type

PERSON: alright.

-.- you tell me you'll pek chek anot.
knsknskns! LOL


Hais~ If next time phone got handwrite function, meaning I can draw and send over, I'll draw.....

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