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The Start of My Life with Someone Special :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hehehehe. It wasn't planned, It wasn't arranged. It did not occur to us that we both got our rings together at this very day, 6th July 2010.

It happened we just at plaza singapura shopping where we walked past couple lab. Just looking and browsing through the rings and decided to get one like for REAL! Hahahaha! :) Got it engraved this very day as well :)

Thanks Clark for this :)

Thanks for being there always for me. And of cos, knowing how temperamental I am, you still tahan. Power sia. No wonder you are SUPERMAN :D heeee!

Your smile

Your laughter

Your cuteness

Your coolness

:) Best love in the world! :)

We met after our classes, and my hands are totally frozen by the aircon till all my fingers turned purple! :(

after that we went to catch a short local film, Steadfast, by two directors David and Linus.
not bad for a budget of $10k!

Heeeeeee! My act cute clark kent, SUPERMAN! lol!!

We wore our rings after taking pictures of it! :)

and yumyum down our dinner!

Today's mood: Super Happy! :)

Ciaos~ Need to go work tmr! :)

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