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Sunday, July 11, 2010

:D Suppose to blog this few days back. Oh wells, not feeling well, sick and now with cramps but decided to blog anyway if not this blog's gonna be rotting :(

Met ane and bel first. and as usual, they brought their soft toys out! Larry is simply too cute lurhs! :) Now larry's out of stock le. Hais.

And ane who's so obsess with larry keeps snapping pictures of larry. Feel bad that couldn't get a larryII for her. cos i find and it's really out of stock :(

walking ard in orchard with the girls and it was fun finding for holga cameras. in the end bel bought like 2 holgas. one for her friend's bday, one for herself. I feel so tempted to get a holga camera :( Should I?

However bel got to leave at 5+. thus , ane accompanied me to wait for my parents. and we walked around orchard.

We went to muji, saw all these coloured markers :D Kiat got me one that time! Marie wanted get these! :) Chio max sia! :)

Went to ion orchard and she brought me to prolouge. There got so many interesting stuffs. Especially at the stationary section upstairs. Sell alot of cute and unique stuffs! :)

Saw this iphone cover cum HANDCUFF. It's meant to HANDCUFF you to ur iphone i guess. Cool freak man!

Walked to the basement of ion. Freaking tired already. Saw this corn snack.

Seriously, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE TO GET THIS, PLEASE TELL ME! I heard diaso got but not nice cos it's plain or what. Please do tell me where gottt! Any Brands, as long as it's yummy!

Thanks many :(

Afterwards, jm came to find us! :) Like OMG! :D We camwhored alot alot alot alot and SUPER ALOT. Pictures all with anelie thou. Hais. duno when she'll upload those pics :(

It's really super fun and memorable day :)
However TIRED.


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