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NDP Rehearsal

Saturday, July 03, 2010

:D Yes! Thanks to ahgong that I got my chance to go ndp rehearsal! :)

The weather wasnt very good from the start.
like already expected it's gonna rain.

The blue zone ticket ! Bad positing as the fireworks all bbehind us so practically all see backside view or had to strain our neck to turn behind. nevertheless, this experience was memorable and fun! despite the fact that I'm sick and had to keep blowing my nose. but, the chance to ndp preview was rare! Thanks ahgong!

3 toot uncle walking in carrying gay tote bag! lols.

This year's bag was tote bag which is practical and bettter and quality better as compared to previous years. but inside no voucher sia. only 1 auntie got in her bag. how can so unfair one :( Sian die. Who got actual NDP tickets? :(

Here are some of my friends who went for the rehearsal as well!

some pictures of the performance. Forget bring digi camera thus using iphone to pew only. Apologies!

Well I'm really tired and gonna turn in for the night. See ya!

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