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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fujifilm Polaroid Camera

I think this is the common one now ba. Aim to buy it soon! But heard the film pack is expensive. and Jiamin went hokkaido or duno where, and she says there the films cheaper! omg! but I can't fly there just for films ba HAHA!

Found another pic at google images. Saw this chio-die polaroid camera. but Jiamin told me say the bigger films one are out of production. Hmm. Sad :(

Digital SLR Camera

Just wanting to buy a DSLR. It's freaking blardy expensive la :( Hais. but this technology is really darn interesting. Just meddling with it and trying shots (cos i'm a super duper noob duh) and yea i know that my shots some are blur, NOT ALL OKAY!!! haha!

MAXI dress

I always looking for Maxi Dress! :D I think it's super nice and cool and long and flowyyyy! :D Love to bits! Been sourcing for a nice simple one. Don't want too much complications. Found some available for saleeeeeeeeeeeee! Hopefully can find cheaper one. Those who know got cheaper ones tell me kay? :)

Swim Suit

Have totally outgrown of my swimming costume (since like many years back) and decided that, YES I SHOULD START SWIMMING AGAIN to tone up my bod. Been asking mum "hey mummy i need a new swim suit!!" but hadnt got the chance to go with her and get it! Will do it soon! :D

Should I get the full bodied one? Haha! :D

p.s. found this sexy babe wearing this victoria secret swim suit. wah seh nice.

Facial Products Gotten one!

The weather is bloody freaking hot. and killing me! I'm spamming different facial product for my face for ultimate protection.

Just gotten a Korean brand Essential entia, Real Deep Whitening Source with Forsythia. I duno how useful it is, but just give it a try! :D

I'm gonna need more! Time to go Chinatown again!

I wanna shop shop shop for new clothesssssss :(:(:(:(:(

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