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Day 03 - A picture of what you did today

Thursday, June 03, 2010

today, i had A BANANA FROM JAPAN! :D

I ate this banana looking thingy from Japan, tokyo de wo!

See? Like banana right?

inside all banana moouuussseeeeeeeeeeeeee. it's delicious lo! hahahahaa! but jiamin dun like it. Neh mind, i go and kope hers tmr! hee! X:

work today was normal. It's like, like that lo. but as usual, the girls made my day! haha! look lots of picture of this dude looking naked dolls given by our boss from Tokyo, Japan! :D camwhored with it! Love it many many hahahas! :D

after work, went with clarky to eat the famous katong chicken rice. love it to the max! but fat to the max :( hais. time to lose weight.

My goal is: to lose weight till 44 kg by my birthday, 20th June.


and the RETARDED thing i did today, was trying to tie my fringe and end up entangling it T_T

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