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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Work life?

well, sometimes, people are not what they seems to be. Especially in this real working world, you will not know who to really trust i guess. Hais. Adults are so notch simppurrrr.

Okay, Jiamin says i'm not blogging regularly le. Yea. I'm trying to photoshop the colour quality of photos better before posting it up ! :D

1. Mish is creating a new blogskin for me

2. Kiat is helping my take photos of myself so I can get my blog banner and profile pic done!

3. I'm gonna purchase a panasonic lumix lx-3 camera soon for better quality pictures!

Hmm, let me see, I shall mention about today first before rewinding back to other days. (well only gonna blog some of the photos as the other half let me photoshop first for the colour of the photos :()

Pardon me for some noob unclear photos. Those clear ones are taken by KIAT (@! He's a good talented photographer! :)

Those unclear ones are taken by my bb LOL! :D

Work was quite smooth today. thankfully, really, THANK GOD! Amen.



Lunch time has always been my favourite! :) Because at Katong shopping centre, there's lots of delicious food being sold! The best best best and i emphasize BEST BAKERY IN SINGAPORE! :D

The whole store front. They are famous for their butterbun. It's not an ordinary butterbun. Whoever I intro`ed to, all loves it! Hehe thou it's fattening but worth a try ! :)

However so, gonna diet de me, tried this rum ball. yes, quality of the picture aint good because i'm just using a bb camera to take. sian die :( can't wait to hoot my lx-3 T_T

we all settled for CHICKEN RICE! (another famous dish). 4bucks for TENDER CHICKEN, DELICIOUS FRAGRANT RICE, TASTY SOUP with alot ingredients inside). What more can you ask for? O: and these are my girls (all same age lo!!) at my workplace! heeee! they are such a darling :)

Working at here sometimes can be really fun when things are not that stress, especially when everyone is in a light-hearted mode! :D

See this.
Jonathan! wearing the wig with this big sabre sword or smthing!

haha! den i got the girls to pose with it HAHA! :D damn hilarious!
so presenting is....JIAMIN!




and anelie wanted to kill larry (the rabbit, belonging to bel) hais anelie x: LOL!

working with them is really really so fun! The girls make the working place fun! :D hehehehehehehehe! and of cos not forgetting other colleagues duh! :D I like it when everyone is smiling and laughing. though they complain i'm kinda noisy. ABIT noisy only laaaa :P

Wanted to snap photos for my new blogskin! (well, NEW BLOG but same URL)
in the end didn't due to some unforeseen circumstances.

thus, we just went to esplanade for some drink instead.
the two bears, Violet and Key!

violet is given by KIAT.
key is given by CLARK.

THANKS BOTH FOR THE TEDDIES! I love Bears! (and thus, even my birthday, I'm flooded with soft toy bears LOL) this explains why half of my bed are filled with bears. and i only can sleep on the other half LOL.

The photos are all taken by Kiat. So do enjoy :)

If you wish to engage his photography service, do approach him @ his blog :)

this is i drawing hor. Mai siao siao~ X:

fyi, This is Kiat.

Haha. Let me end off here kay? :) Heeeee! will blog again soon! :D

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