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Friday, May 28, 2010

A special friend

i got this special friend.
who is always there for me.
helping me.
taking care of me.
be there for me when i need help.

this friend, is k.

I told clark, this friend is super good and nice to me.
I'll never forget k.
and i clearly know k's birthday is on 6th june.

I alrdy have plans in my mind, to how to celebrate k's bday.
in addition, knowing that k's friends are in army, which gives me more chance to do a small surprise for k.

I told clark, i must prepare smthing for k.
for k's birthday on 6june.

i pretended to not know abt k's bday when k told me want to go out on 6june anot.
it's meant to me a surprise.

i just realised.
is this the k i know.
is this?

the surprise element is gone when k reads this post (if k happens to read this).

k tot i never treasure this friendship.
it's a genuine friendship i have in me.
do k know?

maybe k doesn't.
maybe k just thought that I don't regard this friendship as a precious one.
but to me, k is a special friend.

however. totally disappointed today.

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