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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sleepy Day

the weather now is totally for sleeping lurhs.
woke up early in the morning to find that OMG THE WEATHER IS NOT TOO SUNNY.
lazy day to start with.

chatted with bananananana bffl, diana tanchoo lolol.
planning smthing for her sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet i-don't-say-out-first
hahahaha :D
wish all the best for you girl!

oh yes. did i blog about my graduation? It's like normal lorhs. hahahahahaha. Mummy took this photo of me at the start when i want to get my paper for the graduation thing.

mummy me and daddy! :D pple commented say i look like mummy. but since young, everyone says i look like daddy. only recently den pple say i look like mummy. hmmmmmmmm. judge it urself :D

my family and marie's family! heheheheh!

My lovely clique. Missing: lynette and gracia.

well, guess whose hands are those hehehe.
Titled: the touch of love.

graduation is fun and fun and FUNFUNFUNUN! :D

i must start planning for my birthday already. sian die. hitting 20years old :( AHHHHHH. :(


1. borrow / rent a dslr to take photos on my bday
2. buy / rent a polaroid for my birthday :D
3. set up my new blogskin, created by mishy <3

camera ftw! :D

-wah emo die-

the backup copy of the blogskin is like not the updated one :( now some of my updated links are gone, my pictures in posts are not bordered like usual. need redo. sian die. :(

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